Friday, January 16, 2015

Using the Internet in a Healthy and Smart

At the present time the internet has become the stuff that we use to communicate with relatives, friends, acquaintances and people who are far away from where we are. Much that we can do to communicate via the Internet such as: sending mail, send data, talk / chat, make new friends and even shopping can we do vai internet. It was proved that the use of the Internet today is not limited only to certain circles, but has extended to various groups and walks of life.
But there are some people who think that the Internet is not important, because the only place a person in cyberspace. So many people take advantage of this medium to commit fraud that hurt others. There are also the ones that assume that the Internet would undermine the morale of a person, because of pornography, which is very inappropriate for publication.
There have been many news reports that someone feels cheated for having to transfer some money to buy goods through a website on the internet, but the goods ordered never sent. There is also news of the kidnapping case, and after traced, kidnappings carried out by his new friend after they met via the internet.
All these things will surely bring bad effects for users of the Internet itself. Have many people in this world as Internet users, where they have an assortment of desire in their minds in using the Internet. Among them there are negative publish content, such as pornography, gambling, fictitious trades and so on. But many also publish content that is positive with the aim of providing education and solutions for Internet users.
Here are some tips on using the internet for smart and healthy:

  1. Define your goals using the internet. This is important so that you can take into account   the advantages and disadvantages that you will receive in using the Internet.
  2. Make a schedule of your time using the Internet, so that your daily activities will go well, not bothered by your internet activity.
  3. Visit the content that provide education and solutions, so that will add insight and knowledge.
  4. If you are a user of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and so on, look for a friend that you have known before. Such as school friends, co-workers, friends as a child or people you will ever meet directly and know you. This is important, because we really know them real. If there are people who want to be friends with you, but you do not know him at all, you should first ask their purpose with your friends.
  5. Do not easily believe that the offer of a gift of any site, if you do not ever follow any lottery. you should just ignore these sites there if suddenly appear in front of you when you use the internet.
  6. If you want to shop online, make sure the seller and the goods you want to buy a really exist. Visit the first shop or seller directly if that is possible. If you are unsure, then you should not make a transaction.
  7. If you like to play games online, you should provide food and drinks near you, because it will remind you when your meal. Do not let your health impaired due to forgetting to eat and fun to play.
  8. Give a maximum time limit of 20 minutes for your eyes to stare at a computer screen or laptop while you surf. Divert your view towards the object other than a computer screen or laptop, at least 2 minutes. This is important because to maintain the health of your eyes.
  9. Avoid upload or share content that is pornographic or offensive religious, ethnic, racial and any nation that harm them, because it will have a negative impact to yourself.

Similarly, some of the tips that I can share. We wish to make you more intelligent and healthy using the internet.

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