Saturday, May 16, 2015

Create a blog on Easy and Free

Blog posts or articles that are stored online in a domain that is usually open to be read by everyone. Written material on the blog is entirely right for the makers of the blog. It means that the creator of the blog is free to write anything on the blog. is a product of Google's domain that gives you the opportunity to create a blog or website easily and for free. The you simply set content provided by Blogger to create a blog according to your creation and you are free to write articles according to your
wishes. Surely it is advisable to write articles useful knowledge.
To create a blog on, you must have an account on you can make free. You first must also have an email address to complete the requirements to create a blog on 

Please follow the steps to create a blog on as follows:
Open your browser page and then type in the search box "", it will show the following picture:

Then type your email address and password. Then click sign in, then you will get into your blogger account.

You can start a blog with the click "New Blog", it will show the following picture:

Then write down the title and the address of your blog. You can also specify a template on your blog.

Then click "Create a blog!". It will show a window to start creating articles on the blog. Then click "Start blogging" or click on the pencil picture. For a clearer look at the picture below:

Then a window will appear to write your article. Please you write articles on your blog. Write also to the title of your article.

You can also display images related to the articles that you write. Click "Insert image" in the toolbar.

it will show the following picture:

In the picture above you are asked to select an image. If you do not upload the image you want to display on the article yet, please click on "Upload" and then click "Choose file".

Then please select the images you want to upload. Then wait until the upload process is complete. Then click the image that you have uploaded, then click "Add selected".

Then adjust the position and size of the image to your liking.

You can also set the writing through toolbar provided by

Do not forget to save articles that you have typed in the blog. If you want to publish your article, click "Publish". Then you have to publish a blog, and everyone can read your writing results.

The benefits of a blog:
  1. We can train the ability to convey information or knowledge through articles on the blog that we created.
  2. Through the blog we can get ideas from readers who leave a comment on the article that we make.
  3. With the blog we can provide benefits in the form of knowledge to others through the article that we created so that may be the solution of the problems they face.
  4. With the blog we can earn money, if the blog that we created an online advertising program, like Google AdSense. In this program we created a blog that becomes a medium for display advertising a product, and of course we'll earn from those ads.
Please make your blog as good as possible, in order to provide benefits to yourself and others.
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