Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Creating a New E-mail at

The definition of e-mail is a communication facility in the Internet which serves send electronic mail to reach out to the whole world. Compared with regular mail, e-mail has the advantage of being more secure and does not define the distance and time. So the e-mail we can send a letter anywhere and anytime for safe, easy and fast. We also can insert any data we want to send to the destination address along with e-mail that we send. Only in a matter of minutes the letter we will send to the destination address.
There are several providers e-mail service on the internet. One is or Google Mail. This e-mail provider that will be discussed in this article. To use e-mail in, we have to be registered as a user's e-mail / Gmail account. Making e-mail is free.

How to create a new e-mail in Gmail is very easy. If you got to this page likely you have not been able to create email. But it is not a problem. In our opinion, this Gmail has features that are more complete than other email services such as Yahoo mail (ymail). In addition, Gmail also has other features such as to create a blog, google analytics, google webmaster, and much more. You can create personal or corporate email. Here are the steps to create a new e-mail at :
  • Open your browser page, then type
  • Then click Create An Account, it will show a registration form at email creation as shown below:
  • Fill in your data or your company on the form.
  • To Prove you're not a robot, please check Skip this verification (phone verification mybe required). This means that verification will be done through your phone number as shown below:
  • Check also for I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • If all are filled, then click Next Step. Your email address can be used
  • Then click No thanks, then the process will continue as shown below:
  • Then click Continue to Gmail.
  • Wait until the image appears below:

The picture above is the view of your email address at Hope it is useful.

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