Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Herbal Ways to Treat Cough

Coughing is the body's reaction carried naturally to clear mucus or irritants, such as smoke and dust, in order to get out of our respiratory tract. Cough is a disease that is very disturbing. Cough can come anytime and anywhere. At the moment we are working, suddenly we feel itchy throat so that our work is interrupted because of a cough. Even when we sleep coughing attack could come and make us sleep soundly. 
Coughing can also be easily transmitted to others, because the virus that causes coughing very quickly spread. The spread of the virus that causes coughing may occur through the air, kissing, tableware / drink and so on.
There are several ways to treat coughs. Some use chemical-based drugs, and there is also the use of herbal remedies. In this article I will try to share the knowledge to treat cough with herbs. Ingredients to make this concoction cheap and easily obtainable.

  1 lemon seeds
  3 grams of garlic
  2 tablespoons pure honey

How to make :
Squeeze lemon juice and take the water. Then mashed garlic until smooth, then stir together lime juice and add 2 tablespoons of water that has been cooked. After that strain the mixture and place in a clean glass. Then enter the honey and half a cup of hot water into the mixture. Drink the potion on the afternoon and evening.

This herb may be a solution for cough sufferers. This herb is relatively safe with no side effects. Hope it is useful.

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