Thursday, August 6, 2015

How to Display Blog More Interesting

The theme is a very important part to make the blog more interesting. With an attractive appearance will certainly make more visitors on our blog. Of course we want the article that we have made a lot read by visitors through our blog. If you look at our blog is very interesting, for sure the visitors will feel welcome to visit our blog and will continue to read our article. An advantage if your blog has a lot of visitors. It will be achieved if the article and display presented on the blog is very interesting. Two things synergy, an interesting article would be very special if supported an interesting theme, but if an interesting article would be boring if no interesting theme. to offering many themes that you can apply to your blog. these themes can be set to your liking for blogs that appear to be more attractive. Here I will share how to change and set the theme of the blog. Please continue ...!

Log in your blogger account. Then click the "Template" will appear several options on blogger theme.

Some types of themes that you can choose are: Simple, Dynamic Views, Picture Window, Awesome Inc., Watermark, Ethereal and Travel. From some of the themes you can choose several colors. Select a theme according to your wishes. in this article I chose Simple theme with black as shown below:

Then to set a theme we click on "Customize" then the page will appear Blogger Template Designer. On this page you can adjust the look of the blog by using the menu: Templates, Background, Adjust Widhs, Layout and Advanced.

To change the theme of the blog, click "Templates". Choose a theme that you like and specify the color.

Then you can add a background to your blog by clicking Background menu and click the box under the heading Background image.

Select one of the background you like.

Or you can also use images from your computer by clicking "Upload image" and then click "Choose file" and select the image you want to use as the background of your blog.

On this page you can also change the primary color in the theme by clicking the boxes below the heading Main color theme, and select the color you like.

Or you can choose the color suggested by selecting colors under the heading Suggested theme.

Next we set the width of the blog by clicking "Adjust Widhs". Please write the width of your blog, or by shifting to the right or to the left panel in the Entire blog scale. Set also the width of the Right slider in the same way.

To set the Entire blog, I suggest more widened, because some of the articles that you write will be easily visible on the main page of your website or blog.

Next is the layout settings. It is setting the position of content that we show on the blog. Settings include Body layout and Footer layout. To adjust the layout click "Layout" will appear several layout options content. Then please choose one of the options Body layout and Footer layout.

And lastly the advanced settings. This arrangement is more emphasis on colors and letters on the blog. You can see firsthand the changes that occur in the blog every time you make arrangements. Please click on "Advanced" and make their own arrangements in accordance with your wishes so that your blog will appear more attractive.

Good luck...!II

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