Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Overcoming insomnia

Insomnia is a disorder that greatly trouble us. When we want to rest at night, but we could not sleep until morning. So we feel irritated because we could not feel the pleasure of sleep at night. As a result, we will definitely be sleepy when active in the daytime. It clearly would make our productivity decreases.
Some things that cause disturbances of insomnia who might happen to you is:
  1. The condition of the room or the bed you are less convenient to use for sleeping.
  2. The atmosphere around you is too noisy
  3. The air is too hot around you.
  4. There are still issues to think about when you are going to sleep.
  5. Lack of activity you are doing so you are not too tired
Obviously we do not want to interfere with our lives insomniac. For it was here I want to share the recipe of herbs to overcome insomniac. To make this herb is easy. This herb is also relatively safe, because it is made from natural materials are easily obtained and no chemical elements.

3 grams of cumin
5 grams of coriander
10 grams of leaves of Centella asiatica
50 grams of kale leaves
Enough water

How to make:
Cumin and coriander puree, then boiled together all the ingredients in water until cooked. Drink the potion at night or half an hour before you go to bed.

Hopefully, these ingredients can be a solution to overcome your insomniac disorders. Hopefully you will always be easy to bed on time and wake up fresh in body condition.

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