Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Great Way to Protect Your Computer From Viruses

We must remain vigilant on the entry of the virus into our computer. There are many utilities in the operating system that became the entry of the virus into our computer. This means that the utilities used by viruses to infect our computers. 
Here I will share tips to overcome the virus that has entered through the operating system some of the utilities on our computer. There are two things we must do to our computers safe from viruses. Please do the following:

Disable AutoPlay :
Click Start >> Run >> type gpedit.msc command and click OK.

In the Local Group Policy window, double-click Administrative Templates.

In the right pane double-click on Windows Components. Then Double click on the AutoPlay Policies.

Double-click Turn off AutoPlay. Then activate the option Enable. Select All drives in the Turn-off AutoPlay On. When you are finished click OK.

Restart your computer.

Scan with Latest Antivirus
Perform scanning with an antivirus application that has the latest virus definitions to complete. In this article I use SMADAV, because the virus always update the latest virus data. 
This antivirus will also be active in providing information for immediate publication of the latest version you have installed on your computer / laptop. You must be installing the antivirus software on your computer / laptop and connect to the Internet.
You can download the antivirus here.

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