Thursday, June 11, 2015

Easy Ways to Nourish Hair

Hair is the body that has the main function as protective headgear. Hair also plays an important role in maintaining the appearance of a person in order to remain handsome or beautiful. Especially for women, hair is a crown. Without hair on the head, a woman can be considered odd and even she could be considered not a woman but, a man.
For men, hair is probably the one thing that is not too important to note. But it would be a problem if there is hair loss or hair does not grow fast. This will lead to baldness on the head. So that your appearance is not attractive, because you will look older than your age.

There are two factors that cause hair loss:

1. External Factors
Hair StylesOften change hairstyles can cause hair loss, because this activity can lead to the attraction of the hair roots. It will make the hair become brittle and fall out.
ChemicalsThe use of chemicals for coloring and straightening hair can cause excessive hair fall out easily
Free RadicalsFree radicals are toxic substances that can accelerate the aging process. In general, free radicals come from pollution and toxic fumes. If the hair is often exposed to toxic substances such it will be easy to hair loss.

2. Internal Factors
DescendantsHereditary factors can cause hair loss, because genes of parents who have hair damage will be taken by its offspring.
HormoneHormonal imbalance can cause hair. .Biasa Occurs in pregnant women experience hormonal imbalances that can cause hair loss.
Stress, Stress is also a cause of hair loss. Hair usually be more easily fall when you're experiencing things that can cause stress.
Disease,Disease diabetes and lupus can cause hair loss.

Here I will give you tips to nourish the hair by using materials from nature. Ingredients such as aloe vera and hazelnut is easy and inexpensive to obtain.
Aloe vera can be used to nourish hair. Open aloe leaves. Then apply evenly to hair mucus, especially those experiencing baldness. Wait until half an hour. Then wash your hair. Do it as often as possible so your hair grows lush and dense.
The second way to use pecan. Prepare some pecan seeds, then puree. Then boiled with enough water to produce oil. Then apply hazelnut oil to the scalp to seep into the pores. Do this several times until your hair grows quickly and is not bald anymore.

Hope it is useful

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