Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Adding Partitions Hard drive

Manufacture multiple partitions on the hard disk are the things that we encountered on the computer. Computer users have a goal each in creating a partition on the hard disk. The most common is that they want to separate the media to store the operating system and data on a computer hard drive and only split into two partitions that drives C and D. There also create partitions up to more than 2 partitions. This was done because users split between the operating system and some types of data they store on the computer. So that the disk partition can be up to 4 or 5 partitions. This was done because the hard drive capacity is very large and it is possible to separate the types of data such as pictures, videos, music, documents and so on. 
There are also users who want to have two operating systems on their computers. Such as Windows and Linux operating systems that can be mounted side by side in a single computer. So that the computer can boot through two operating systems in turn. It also requires minimal disk partitioning into 3 drives. Drive C to store the Windows operating system, drive D to store data and drive E to store the Linux operating system.
But if increasing disk partition can be done without having to reinstall the computer? The answer is: definitely. We can form a new partition on an existing hard drive partition without having to go through the process installed on our computer. On the Windows operating system provided the facility to increase or establish a new partition on the hard disk. If the current hard drive on your computer has two partitions, then you can add 1 or 2 partitions again. In this article I will share how to increase or establish a new partition on the hard disk by following these steps:

Open Windows Explorer, it will show the amount of your hard disk partitions. In this article I have three disk partition. Then right click on "Computer" and click "Manage". 
It will show the Computer Management window.Then click on "Disk Management" it will show the partition that has formed on the hard disk.
In the image above there are 3 hard disk partition, drive C, D and E. It may have you just drive C and D, no problem. Then right-click on the D drive and then click "Shrink Volume".
It will show a window to determine the capacity of the new partition will be created. Please specify the size of the partition capacity. You can determine half of the available capacity.
Then will form a new partition with unallocated status. It means that the partition is not active and can not be used.
And to activate the right-click on the partition. Then click "New Simple Volume".
It will show the following window:
Click "Next" to continue, it will show the following picture:
Make sure if the capacity of the partition are correct and will not be changed again then click "Next".
Decide also for the drive to be used on the new partition.
Decide also to the type of partition that will be used on the new disk partition. For Windows operating systems we use NTFS. Then click "Next" to continue.
Click "Finish" to finish creating a new partition on the hard disk. Then you can see the results as follows:

Good Luck...!!!

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