Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Wide Variety of Network Devices and Their Functions

To manage computer networks course, we need some device that serves as a liaison in the computer network. Each device has a function to be applied respectively to form an integrated network system. To building a computer network we need to know the names and functions of network devices that will we post, so it is really effective and efficient manner and financial usefulness.

Here I will share knowledge about the devices used for computer networks.

1. LAN Card
Local Area Network card or commonly called the network card is a device that serves as an interface to a computer via a cable network. These devices are usually installed on the motherboard of a computer with a PCI slot.

2. Wi-Fi
functions the same as a LAN card, only this device does not use a cable to connect to the network. This device utilizes the airwaves as a media liaison to the network. So these devices requires a wireless router to access the network. These devices are usually shaped in the form of a USB or card installed in the computer or laptop.

3. UTP / STP cable

      UTP Cable                                                                                 STP cable
This device serves as a media liaison all network devices. This cable has 8 fiber cables must be arranged in straight or cross according to need. UTP and STP have the same function. UTP cable is suitable for indoor networks, because the material is flexible, making it easy to set up to adjust to the conditions of the existing space. While more effective STP cable is used for outdoor network because the material is resistant to all weather conditions. This cable is usually used for network interconnection.

4. RJ45 connector
This device serves to connect the UTP / STP cable to various network devices. This connector must be installed on both ends of the cable UTP / STP, so UTP / STP can be used as a media liaison in the network.

5. Switch
This device serves as a terminal in a network. In this device will happen meeting some devices connected to the network. if the device is damaged or dies, then all devices connected to the network connections will be disturbed or interrupted.

6. Routers

                                                            Wireless Router
This device functions as a regulator of the prevailing system in the network. Settings such as: routing, connections, bandwidth management, firewall and so on, regulated by this device. There are 2 types of routers that we can use in the network, namely: the router using a cable as a media liaison and routers that utilize the airwaves as a media liaison or what we call the wireless router.

7. Modem
The modem is a device that serves to connect the computer or local network to the Internet. The device is always associated with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This ISP will provide internet services through this modem device.

From the above explanation of this article may be of benefit to you in the field of computer networks.

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