Monday, April 27, 2015

Make Bootable Flash Windows Operating System

Bootable flash is a device that you can use for the initial boot on your computer through the flash. If at any time your computer needs to be installed, but the CD/DVD drive is damaged or your installer CD is damaged, or maybe you want your DVD's Windows installer preserved, or there are other things that make you difficult to re-install your computer with windows operating system. Perhaps this device can you prepare before all of the above happened.
Bootable flash has the ability to boot the beginning and install the Windows operating system on your computer. Of course, your computer must also have the facility to boot from flash. To create a bootable USB flash, prepare flash and Windows installer file.
Plug the flash on the computer, make sure that your flash is detected by the computer. Then open the Run (Win + R) and type diskpart and then click OK.

Then diskpart CMD window will open, 

Then type list disk >>enter. It will show a list of storage media that is detected by the computer. Just by looking at the size of the storage media that appear in the list, then you will know the position of your flash. 

In the picture above shows that the size of the flash that I use is 3822 MB in a position  the Disk 1. So to continue type select disk 1>>Enter. (for number 1 can be altered to suit your flash position)

Then to remove the data and system files are stored on the thumb drive, type clean>>Enter.
Make sure the process is as successful as the picture above.

Then type the command create primary partition>>Enter to create a partition on your flash. Make sure the process is successful.

Then create the partition becomes active by typing active>>Enter. Ensure that the process successfully.

Then format the partition with FAT32 file system by typing format fs=fat32 label=mamad_keren >> Enter. (rename the label to your liking)
Wait until complete (100 percent). Then type exit to exit the diskpart window. Then your flash has become the primary active partition.

The next step is that you must copy the Windows installer file to the flash. You can use any version of the Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Now you are ready to use the flash as an installer of windows operating system on your computer.

To use this device you can read here

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