Thursday, June 18, 2015

Install Windows 7 With flash

To install the operating system such as Windows 7 via a bootable flash installer, we must configure the initial booting of BIOS flash on a computer / laptop us. Just as if we install Windows 7 via DVD player. In this article I will share how to use a bootable flash to install Windows 7 on a computer / laptop. If you do not have a bootable flash installer, Please click here for how to make it. Here are the steps to install Windows 7 with a bootable flash:

Plug bootable flash on your computer. Then Turn on your computer. Make sure that your computer / laptop the initial boot from the flash. Enter the BIOS setup by pressing the "delete" or "F2" or perhaps another button on the keyboard during the boot process is running. In this article I use the American Megatrends BIOS version 02.63 with the following views :
May differ from the version of the BIOS on your computer / laptop, but basically the same. Only different in appearance and language used.

If you are logged into the BIOS setup, then look for the boot menu. Make sure if your flash is detected as a boot device. Then set the flash into the initial boot device on your computer / laptop.

Then save the BIOS settings and exit the BIOS setup, the computer / laptop will restart.

At the boot process, the computer / laptop will read the flash. Then will go to the install process to install Windows 7. The process will run as usual if we use Windows 7 Installer DVD.

Wait until the install is complete and when the computer / laptop restarts, go to the BIOS setup to configure the initial boot from the hard drive and disconnect the flash of your computer / laptop.

Then the computer / laptop will boot from the hard drive and has a Windows 7 operating system.

Hope it is useful.

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