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Various Google products and Benefits

Google is one of the internet vendors that have multiple products. These products can be used by Internet users according to need. Google is very popular among Internet users around the world. They feel more free to explore the virtual world by utilizing the products from Google. At Google we can find millions of articles on a variety of
things to add to our knowledge. At Google we can also find addresses worldwide easily and quickly. And many more useful some Google products. In this article I will try to share some knowledge about Google products and their benefits. Please continue ...!

Here are some of Google's products and its usage :

1. The Google search engine
The Google search engine is an application from Google that makes it easy for Internet users to search for all things in the universe of the Internet. All things that can be searched articles, images, videos, software, advertising and others. Internet users just type in words or phrases associated with the things to be searched on the internet in the search box, it will show a list of web sites related to all things that will be searched automatically. Google search engine can be used by all browsers, such as Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and others.

2. Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a browser application produced by Google. Its function is the same as the Google search engine. To be able to use it, this application must be downloaded and installed on your computer. Using this browser will be faster than any other browser, because the browser is a product of Google, then everything in the world of internet searches will be easy.

3. Gmail / Google mail
Gmail is the facility of electronic correspondence (email) provided by Google to Internet users. To use Gmail you must have an account or email address at The account creation is very easy and free. To create an account at you can read here.

4. Google Translate
Google Translate is a facility of Google that can be used to translate the various languages ​​of the world. There are 90 languages ​​in the world that can be translated via Google Translate. 
Usage is very easy. You simply select the language you want to translate. Then type in a word or phrase in the column translators. Then the word or phrase that you type in will be translated in the next column. For more details see the following picture:

5. Google Earth
Google Earth is an application from Google that can be used to explore the earth's surface on land or the sea floor. We can see the state of a place on Earth, without having to visit the place. Via Google Earth we can see the appearance of all corners of the earth from the air. We can also determine the level of height of an area on the earth. We can also determine the condition of tectonic plates and fault location of the Earth's plates. We can also find geothermal resources.

6. Google Maps
Google Maps is an application from Google to show where and addresses worldwide through maps. With this application you can easily and quickly locate specific addresses around the world. This application can also provide information about the distance from one location to another. If we are on a journey toward a location, then we will easily and quickly determine which path will we pass to that location. This application can be used anytime and anywhere we are as long as we are still connected to the Internet network.

7. is a facility of Google that you can use to create a blog or website with the domain. To create a blog you need to have an account on You can divide the article, image or video via blogs that you create on You can also have the chance to earn money from your blog governance at Through the Google AdSense program, if the blog or website you get approval from Google AdSense income then you can receive. To create a blog on you can read here

8.Google AdSense
Google AdSense is an advertising program owned by Google which can be used by all web site owners to earn revenue (money) by displaying Google ads are targeted through their website. With this program, the website owner can easily earn millions and even billions.

9. Google Plus (Google+)
Google+ is a social networking app released by Google. Through this application you can make friends with fellow owner of an email account at If you have an email address in, then you can simply create an account on Google+.

From the above article may be able to increase our knowledge about the use of some of Google's services. Maybe from some of the services you have used it, and you certainly have benefited from all of these services.

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