Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Make Bootable Flash Ubuntu Linux Operating System

Before, I ever wrote Make Bootable Flash Windows Operating System. For this time I will share how to create bootable flash Ubuntu. You may have heard of Ubuntu Linux as an operating system. Even you have been using this operating system to help get the job done. But if you've never used Ubuntu Linux, then through this article I would like to invite you to try to use it.
You must install the operating system on your computer / laptop. To make it easier to install Ubuntu, then here I point you use the flash as a device to install Ubuntu. 

Back-up your data to another storage media. Then please follow the steps below:

Prepare the following tools and materials:
1. USB flash drive with a minimum capacity of 4 gigabytes
2. Application Power ISO you can download here
3. .File installer Ubuntu can be downloaded here

Installing Applications Power ISO
Please install Power ISO application that you downloaded with steps like this:

Until the process is completed.

Making Process
1. Plug the flash on your computer / laptop.

2. Open Power ISO application through a desktop icon and a window will appear like this:

3. Click on "Tools" and select "Create Bootable USB Drive"

4. Click the "Source Image File"

5. Select the Ubuntu installer file that you have downloaded.

6. Click the "Start to resume

7. Wait until completion

8. Click "OK"

Now flash you can use to install Ubuntu Linux. Good luck..!!!

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