Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Making love More Romantic Without Premature Ejaculation

In married life, sex is one of the basic needs that must be met by the husband or wife. The activity will be very delicious when both parties (husband / wife) both feel satisfaction. But sex will taste bland if a problem occurs while doing so. This will trigger dissatisfaction of one side or even on both sides. Premature ejaculation is one of the problems often occur during sexual intercourse commonly experienced by men / husbands. Ejaculation is the release of sperm from the penis for sexual activity. If the sperm out too fast, it was called a premature ejaculation.

Certainly premature ejaculation will make the husband feel satisfied quickly, but the wife will be very disappointed and do not have the passion anymore resume sex. It will make the wife is always not satisfied when having sex.
Do not let premature ejaculation happens to you, because it will make your domestic life is not harmonious. Maybe your wife will demand longer in love, but you do not have power, because of premature ejaculation. Through this article I will try to provide solutions to overcome premature ejaculation with herbal ingredients.

This herb is very easy to make with ingredients that easy to get. The materials that we prepare are:

1 areca

1 seed hazelnut

3 eggs

2 tablespoons pure honey

Boiled water taste

How to make:

Burn fruit and pecan nut until charred, then mash until smooth. Then prepare chicken eggs, take yellow only. Put all the ingredients into a glass including honey and water. Then, stir all ingredients until blended. Drink the potion once a day on a regular basis until premature ejaculation can be resolved.

In addition to the above mixture, you need a lot of exercise. Expand to eat mutton and drinking whole milk.

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