Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to Install Ubuntu Alongside Windows 8

Ubuntu and Windows are the two operating system have many differences, but both could we install in a computer / laptop device. Both can be used as well without any problems, with the dual boot method that we apply to our computer / laptop. We can use both operating systems alternately, when both have been installed on the computer / laptop.
Maybe you want to install Ubuntu on a computer / laptop that already has the Windows operating system. In this article I will share how to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8. Here mean that my computer had been using Windows 8 and I will add the Ubuntu Linux operating system on my computer .

Maybe on your computer using a version of Windows such as Windows 7 or Windows XP. It does not matter, because it is basically the same. You simply provide a minimum of three partitions on the hard drive on your computer. The disk partition each: drive C for the Windows operating system, drive D for data and drive E for the Ubuntu Linux operating system. If you only have two hard disk partitions, please add a new partition on your hard drive by following the steps here

Move all the data from the drive E to drive D. We are going to install Ubuntu on drive E. Then follow the steps below:
Restart your computer / laptop, then enter the BIOS to ensure that the computer / laptop the initial boot from the Ubuntu installer media such as CD / DVD or flash. Then restart again your computer / laptop.
Computer / laptop will boot from the Ubuntu installer media and on the monitor will show the following picture:
Wait until the show the following picture:
In the image above we are given two options: "Try Ubuntu" and "Install Ubuntu". If we just want to try Ubuntu then we select “Try Ubuntu”. Meanwhile, if we want to install Ubuntu, then we select “Install Ubuntu”. Then to continue installing Ubuntu we click "Install Ubuntuand will show the following picture:
Then click "I do not want to connect to a wi-fi network right now" so that the computer / laptop is not connected to the internet, because when installing Ubuntu if it is connected to the internet then your computer / laptop will update automatically so that the installed system will run long. Then click "Continue" to resume.Then will appear the following picture:
Click "Continue" to resume, then will appear the following picture:
In the image above we were given three options. I suggest you choose "Something else", because it will allow you to put Ubuntu on drive E as shown below:
Click the minus sign (-) to delete the existing partitions and replace it with the free space
Then click the plus sign (+) to create a new partition. First we create the swap partition area to increase the memory capacity computer / laptop of 1024 MB. As shown below:
Then we create a second partition to put the Ubuntu Linux operating system. Allocate all remaining capacity of the hard drive on your computer / laptop to the operating system as shown below:
Then at Mount Point select the sign / to make a second partition as the root as shown below:
Then click "Install Now". If the warning appears that the disk partition your computer / laptop has changed then click "Continue" to continue the install process.
The next process is to determine the time zone for your area and continue the configuration language keyboard device on your computer / laptop

Next is the process of configuring the user computer / laptop. Fill in your user name and password.
Click "Continue" then the install process will run
Wait until the process is complete
Then click "Restart Now" it will show a picture like this:
Remove or disconnect the Ubuntu installer media from your computer / laptop, then press "Enter" to restart your computer.
Then the install process is successful and now your computer / laptop has two operating systems.

Good Luck...!!!

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