Monday, April 9, 2012

Download Videos from YouTube it's Very Easy

YouTube is a website that displays various kinds of videos from the owner of the account on the site. Various videos can be movies, music videos, unique events, news and so on. Perhaps of the many videos on YouTube is your favorite videos. Obviously you want to download your favorite videos that you can watch and without having to open it again on YouTube
There are several steps you should take to download videos from YouTube, namely:

  • Make sure your computer has installed the Adobe Flash Player. This application aims to play the video on YouTube. If you do not already have this application, you can download here.
  • Install the Java application on your computer. This application aims to classify the video format you want to download to your liking. Video formats can be MP4 video, FLV, 3GP, WebM, MP3 and so on. You can download Java here. Follow also installing applications from the following figure:

  Click "Free Java Download",

then click "Agree and Start Free Download"

 and then click "Save File", so download proses will run. If the process is complete, click "jpxiintall.exe" to install Java application.

Click "Install" to continue

Wait until finished!

Click "Close"
  • Open the YouTube site, then specify the video you want to download.\
  • Click the "Share" it will display the URL of the video you downloaded. Then right-click the URL address, it will show a selection box. Then click "Copy". As shown below:

  • Go to site, it will appear as shown below:

  • Right-click on the "URL Address Box", then click "Paste", then click "DOWNLOAD".

  •  Then the Java application will run automatically as shown below:

  • Click "Run", it will show some video format that can be downloaded. For example, click on "Download MP4", then download the video image will appear the following: Select "Save File", then click "OK", then download the video will run.

  • Wait until the download is complete, then you will be able to watch your favorite videos anytime and anywhere.

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