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How to Display Blog More Interesting
The theme is a very important part to make the blog more interesting. With an attractive appearance will certainly make more visitors on our blog. Of course we want the article that we have made a lot read by visitors through our blog. If you look at our blog is very interesting, for sure the visitors will feel

How to Install Ubuntu Alongside Windows 8
Ubuntu and Windows are the two operating system have many differences, but both could we install in a computer / laptop device. Both can be used as well without any problems, with the dual boot method that we apply to our computer / laptop. We can use both operating systems alternately, when both 

Adding Partitions Hard drive
Manufacture multiple partitions on the hard disk are the things that we encountered on the computer. Computer users have a goal each in creating a partition on the hard disk. The most common is that they want to separate the media to store the operating system and data on a computer hard drive and only split into two partitions that drives C and D. There also

Make Bootable Flash Ubuntu Linux Operating System
Before, I ever wrote Make Bootable Flash Windows Operating System. For this time I will share how to create bootable flash Ubuntu. You may have heard of Ubuntu Linux as an operating system. Even you have been using this operating system to help get the job done. But if you've never used Ubuntu Linux, then through this article I would like to invite you to try

Install Windows 7 with Flash
To install the operating system such as Windows 7 via a bootable flash installer, we must configure the initial booting of BIOS flash on a computer / laptop us. Just as if we install Windows 7 via DVD player. In this article I will share how to use a bootable flash to install Windows 7 on a computer / laptop.

A Great Way to Protect Your Computer From Viruses
We must remain vigilant on the entry of the virus into our computer. There are many utilities in the operating system that became the entry of the virus into our computer. This means that the utilities used by viruses to infect our computers. Here I will share tips to overcome the virus that has entered

Various Google Products and Benefits
Google is one of the internet vendors that have multiple products. These products can be used by Internet users according to need. Google is very popular among Internet users around the world. They feel more free to explore the virtual world by utilizing the products from Google. At Google we can find millions of articles on a variety of things to add to our knowledge

Create A Blog on Easy and Free
Blog posts or articles that are stored online in a domain that is usually open to be read by everyone. Written material on the blog is entirely right for the makers of the blog. It means that the creator of the blog is free to write anything on the blog. is a product of Google's domain that gives

Make Bootable Flash Windows Operating System
Bootable flash is a device that you can use for the initial boot on your computer through the flash. If at any time your computer needs to be installed, but the CD/DVD drive is damaged or your installer CD is damaged, or maybe you want your DVD's Windows installer preserved, or there are other things

A Wide Variety of Network Devices and Their Functions
To manage computer networks course, we need some device that serves as a liaison in the computer network. Each device has a function to be applied respectively to form an integrated network system. To building a computer network we need to know the names and functions of network devices

Creating a New E-mail at
The definition of e-mail is a communication facility in the Internet which serves send electronic mail to reach out to the whole world. Compared with regular mail, e-mail has the advantage of being more secure and does not define the distance and time. So the e-mail we can send a letter anywhere and anytime for safe, easy and fast. We also can insert any data we want to

Connecting Two Computers with Network Cable
There are times when you want to connect your computer to the computer of your friends. the aim is for you and your friends can share in completing the work. For connecting the two computers, we simply provide a network cable RJ45 connector that has been installed at both ends. We do not need to provide a switch to connect 2 computers. Here means

Setting Static IP on Ubuntu Server
In this article I want to share how to set a static IP on ubuntu server. Through this way, the IP address will be stored permanently on your server. This method can also be applied to the desktop version of Ubuntu Linux.
To configure a static IP address on Ubuntu server we need to edit the file by running the

Magic and Versatile Connector
The connector was created to help you connect storage devices such as hard drives and CD/DVD drive to the computer or laptop. With the magic of connectors you need not bother to open the cover of your CPU to connect the hard disk or CD/DVD drive. If your laptop does not have CD/DVD driver, this connector is very useful for you. You do not

Applying the Website In WordPress Theme
Theme on the web is very important to make our web design look more attractive. With an attractive design will certainly make a lot of people who are interested to visit our website. WordPress provides several themes that you can apply on your website. These themes can be downloaded for free in Here we will try to implement a WordPress theme provided by 

Resolve Network Problems on Windows Operating System
To resolve some network problems, you must master a variety of things, namely: understanding some network-related services such as: Routing, DHCP, DNS, Email, Internet Access, Proxy, sub netting, network protocols TCP / IP  and so on.  In this article, I will be presenting a simple network problem resolution by using the tools that are related to network services on Windows operating systems. On

Using the Internet In a Healthy and Smart
At the present time the internet has become the stuff that we use to communicate with relatives, friends, acquaintances and people who are far away from where we are. Much that we can do to communicate via the Internet such as: sending mail, send data, talk / chat, make new friends and even shopping can we do vai internet. It was proved that the use of the Internet today is not limited only to certain circles, but has extended to

Managing Web With WordPress on Localhost
WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is used to build a blog or website. There are several kinds of CMS, such as Drupal, Moodle, Joomla, WordPress, DotNetNuke and others. WordPress is very easy to create a blog or a website, we can use it for personal blog or company website. For absolute beginners course is perfect, because the web is published only limited within the local network.

Installing WordPress on Localhost
Before we do the WordPress installation, we must first install on the computer or server localhost us. Localhost is a application that is installed on a computer or server to provide facilities to its users access the Local Hosting. Software used to build a localhost namely, XAMPP. The software is a basic application in the development of web-based applications. XAMPP is a free software that acts as a server to build a localhost. 

Download Video From YouTube It's Very Easy
YouTube is a website that displays various kinds of videos from the owner of the account on the site. Various videos can be movies, music videos, unique events, news and so on. Perhaps of the many videos on YouTube is your favorite videos. Obviously you want to download your favorite videos that you can watch and without having to open it again on YouTube